Print ISSN: 2790-0207

Online ISSN: 2790-0215

Keywords : Synophthalmia

Cyclopia (Synophthalmia): First Reported Case in Iraq

Abdulhameed Abdulmajeed Hassan; Ghazwan Hameed Rasheed

Kirkuk Journal of Medical Sciences, 2013, Volume 1, Issue 1, Pages 39-44

A full-term newborn male with cyclopia (synophthalmia); with central single eye, and without apparent nasal opening was borned in Azadi teaching hospital. This anomaly was expected to be associated with holoprosencephaly and other visceral anomalies; but this could not be confermed. Observations from clinical examination are presented here, and literature review done. Because of its rare occurrence and tentative evidence for both genetic and environmental etiologies, reporting of this case of cyclopia is encouraged.